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 How to install windows 8 on Dell computer
Auteur: tracy johnson   (
Date:   12-03-19 08:59   >>> Répondre à ce message

If you own a Dell computer and you wish to install Windows 8 on it. You can do so by following the basic steps that are given below:
• Insert the Windows 8 installation CD into the CD drive of your system.
• Select the required language that you are comfortable with.
• Then choose the option of Install Now.
• You would then receive a prompt asking for the Product key.
• Find the product key and fill it in the required field.
• Read and accept the License Agreement
• Then you would have to opt for the type of installation that you want.
• Wait for the installation to be complete and restart the system
These were the basic steps to install Windows 8 on your system. If you come across any kind of issue while following this process feel free to connect with the Dell Computer Customer Care and avail professional guidance to overcome your problem


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