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 What to do when AOL gold Icon not responding?
Auteur: amandashores   
Date:   14-12-18 11:08   >>> Répondre à ce message

When AOL gold icon doesn’t respond to any command, it frustrates the users because the user can’t access the AOL gold and work with it. If you are an AOL gold user then you can fix this issue by following troubleshooting techniques.
• Restart your computer and try to open AOL gold.
• Delete the Icon from the screen and create a new one and then try to open it.
• Delete all the excess files from the computer because these files occupy HDD space and make your computer slow.
Call to [b]aol canadadesktop +1-844-762-3952[/b], if you get into any trouble while going through above-given techniques.
Know more: - [b]free aol desktop 9.7 download[/b]

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